Ergonomic Safety Talks

Prevention is the understanding of proper ergonomics, which involves recognizing risk factors in the work place and identifying physical demands on the spine in order to perform job duties safely and effectively.

Chiropractic maximizes spinal function, which directly enhances job performance by locating spinal fixations and muscle imbalance.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have much experience in developing ergonomic workshops, job site analysis and in office training based on individual needs.  I have worked with various companies in Sonoma County, which include, The City of Santa Rosa Utilities, Maintenance, Road and Water Treatment Departments, Sonoma County Public Works and Refuse Centers, Sonoma County wineries, as well as various Sonoma County Schools.

My ultimate goal is to optimize the health of my patients and would like to extend this professional service to you and your employees.  A decrease in work injuries equates to an increase in production, which can be obtained through proper education and spinal care.